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Is it possible to have a more effective American policy for Karabakh?

In early August, the death of Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers as a result of conflict in Nagorno- Karabakh area brought a new tension. Nagorno Karabakh, a succession of Soviet and dispute area between Armenia and Azerbaijan, became a tool that maintains the severity of Caucasus in the last 20 years.

Turkey and Russia should take lead in resolving Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Even though the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has remained largely frozen since the cease-fire was signed in 1994, the potential for renewed fighting is growing.

Reflections of Israeli Crisis in Caucasus

The recent tension between Turkey and Israel has over the last year affected the fronts of alliances in the region, leading to pursuits for new forms of alliances subsequent to the current crisis. Back then, the Azerbaijani and Armenian media adopted differing approaches vis-à-vis the fate of the Mavi Marmara volunteers. Armenia has made statements over [...]

Türk Dünyası Bakanlığı ve Türkistan Gazetesi

Türk modernleşme tarihinin ana temasını okumak istediğimizde karşımıza şöyle bir faaliyet tablosu çıkar: Dünyayı anlamak, yeni gelişmeleri an be an takip etmek ve bunu halka en uygun şekilde anlatıp yönetim sistemini bu yolla etkilemek. 

Turkish student travels the Caucasus, lands in Armenia

Turkish student Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu, who calls himself an idealist, set out directly for the Caucasus. His first stop was the Azerbaijani capital of Baku. Having characterized Azerbaijan as a “kindred country,” he studied international relations at Baku’s Caucasus University. After his education, while pursuing his research in Georgia, he decided to cross over to [...]

Yeniden Doğu Halkları Kurultayı mı?

Azerbaycan’ın en büyük şehirlerinden olan ve Sovyet dönemine ait petrokimya tesisleriyle ünlü Sumgayıt şehriden Bakü’ye gitmek için bindiğim dolmuşta Azerbaycanlı bir arkadaşım da vardı.

Armenia Chronicles

First Part – Looking Turkey From the Viewpoint of Armenia or Not… Political developments in Baku which I have been living in for a couple of years, have given a direction to my field of research and make me take a close interest in the geography on which I live…

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