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Pashinyan Between Armenia and Azerbaijan: The Curse of Radical Changes

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan seeks a new path forward following Azerbaijan’s seizure of Nagorno-Karabakh and the radical shift in regional dynamics in the South Caucasus. His initiatives aim to revitalize Armenia and resolve longstanding issues, forging a new regional posture. However, domestic divisions and external challenges complicate his efforts. Azerbaijan has not responded to [...]

Toward a Caucasus without Turkey

The jet plane crisis between Turkey and Russia has increased mobility in Caucasus and Central Asia. These developments, which we can say will be of disservice to Turkey in the medium and long term, force Turkey to develop new approaches to the region.

Caucasus full of potential conflict

Armenia has recently had a national referendum, one whose contents and the results of which have been heavily debated. The referendum — which was aimed at bringing about constitutional changes that would decrease the authority given to the president while increasing the power of its parliament — was met by a 63 percent “yes” vote. [...]

Can Turkey compete with Iran in the Caucasus?

The agreement reached as the result of talks between Iran and P5+1 countries (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, plus Germany) has led to debate over whether or not Iran is going to wield a more influential set of foreign policies in the Caucasus from here onwards. It seems quite possible [...]

Protests in Armenia

The increase in the price of electricity announced by the Armenian Public Services Regulatory Commission, effective Aug. 1, provoked a great deal of reaction from the people. Demonstrators protested the electricity price hike with a sit-in at Yerevan’s Freedom Square on June 18. The protests, initiated by the “No-to-Robbery” movement, have attracted attention from different [...]

Ermenistan’da yürüyüş eylemleri

Ermenistan’da Kamu Hizmetleri Düzenleme Komisyonu’nun 1 Ağustos’tan itibaren geçerli olacağını duyurduğu elektrik zammı halkın büyük tepkisini çekti.

Armenia’s oligarchy in trouble

In a somewhat predictable move, Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan has sent a letter to parliament speaker Galust Sahakyan urging that protocols between Turkey and Armenia be retracted.

Is it possible to have a more effective American policy for Karabakh?

In early August, the death of Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers as a result of conflict in Nagorno- Karabakh area brought a new tension. Nagorno Karabakh, a succession of Soviet and dispute area between Armenia and Azerbaijan, became a tool that maintains the severity of Caucasus in the last 20 years.

Only dialogue can solve Turkish, Armenian problems

Though Turkey’s relations with Armenia have been strained by a number of historical and political issues, a Turkish Caucasus analyst who lived and studied in Armenia points out in his new book that only dialogue can solve problems.

‘Armenians want condemnation of “crime against humanity,” not perpetrators’

One of Turkey’s most prominent experts on the Caucasus, Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu, who now lives in Armenia, has said Armenians do not expect Turks to visit Tsitsernakaberd, a memorial in Armenia dedicated to the victims of the alleged 1915 Armenian genocide, or to condemn the perpetrators of the alleged genocide but instead want them to [...]

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