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Iranian fear to Turkey’s growing influence in South Caucasus is an apparent reality

The Second Karabakh War that happened last fall has brought about the alteration of the geopolitical situation in the region of the South Caucasus. As Russia has kept its traditional strategic power along with increasing military influence in the South Caucasus, Turkey has managed to enter the region as the second regional power. Iran is [...]

Uluslararası İlişkilerde Güncel Sorunlar

Her ne kadar Soğuk Savaş’ın sona ermesi uluslararası toplumda kısa süreli bir travmaya neden olsa da teknolojinin gelişmeye başlaması ve artık uluslararası alandaki risklerle beraber tehditlerin çeşitlenmiş olması, uluslararası toplumu Soğuk Savaş’ın bitmesinden daha da derin etkilemeye başlamıştır. Ayrıca ortaya çıkan bu yeni sorunlar, sadece devletleri değil aynı zamanda direkt olarak bireyleri de özellikle ekonomik [...]

Turkey in anticipation: will Putin visit the country?

Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit Turkey in October. A spokesman of Russian President Dmitry Peskov informed yesterday, commenting on the statement of the chairman of the Turkish Union of Chambers and Stock Exchanges Rifat Hisarciklioglu, who reported about the possibility of Putin’s visit to Turkey in October. Before the expected visit of the Russian [...]

Should the West Fear a Turkey-Russia Convergence?

In each installment of “CGI Asks,” a selection of experts respond to a question on the latest developments in Russia and Eurasia. In the run-up to the widely anticipated meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in St. Petersburg on August 9, we asked experts to consider the extent to which a [...]

Turkey-Russia relations to allow implementing mutually beneficial projects

The normalization of relations between Turkey and Russia will heal the “wounds”, which appeared not only in economic sphere, but also in various other fields between the two countries over the past nine months, Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu, vice chairman of the Turkish analytical center Strategic Outlook, told Trend Aug. 2. Henceforth, the sides will continue [...]

Strategic Talks Between Iran and Azerbaijan

During the recent visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Iran, was signed an agreement between Azerbaijan and Iran on joint use of water resources of Aras and continuation of the construction and operation of hydroelectric power stations and waterworks «Khudaferin» and «Giz Galasi».

Turkey’s Complicated Foreign Policy

Turkey’s foreign policy seems to be an entangled net of foreign relations. A NATO member and U.S. ally in the region, Ankara has grown distant toward Washington D.C. due to the American support for the Kurdish militias involved in the Syrian conflict. Once a major Russian tourist attraction, Turkey now faces an economic boycott after [...]

Afghan president’s visit to Azerbaijan to mark changes in region

The Afghan president’s visit to Azerbaijan will mark the beginning of major changes in the region, Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu, the vice chairman of the Turkish Analytical Center Strategic Outlook, the expert on the South Caucasus, said.

Europe to pay more attention to Karabakh conflict settlement in 2016

Europe will pay more attention to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement in 2016, Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu, the Vice-President of the Turkish Strategic Outlook analytical center, the expert on the South Caucasus region, told Trend Nov. 5. He was commenting on the PACE draft resolution calling for an end to the occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

Fedayi Revolution – The Lost Heritage in Armenia

Şevket Sami, a Turkish agent who previously worked in Tashkent and Baku, lives in Yerevan to follow Armenian politics but the main aim is to search about his secret past. He incidentally works with Armenian Fedayi Committee which was organized to realise a revolution against available president who has a military background. Şevket Sami finds [...]

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