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Only dialogue can solve Turkish, Armenian problems

Though Turkey’s relations with Armenia have been strained by a number of historical and political issues, a Turkish Caucasus analyst who lived and studied in Armenia points out in his new book that only dialogue can solve problems.

‘Armenians want condemnation of “crime against humanity,” not perpetrators’

One of Turkey’s most prominent experts on the Caucasus, Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu, who now lives in Armenia, has said Armenians do not expect Turks to visit Tsitsernakaberd, a memorial in Armenia dedicated to the victims of the alleged 1915 Armenian genocide, or to condemn the perpetrators of the alleged genocide but instead want them to [...]

Strategic Knowledge of Strategic Outlook

In the 21th Century and at the Era of Globalization, reaching to knowledge is getting easy than the last quarter of a century. So to provide “Strategic Knowledge” for followers of International Relations and to render easy of their studies on International Relations, we have decided to create the organization of “Strategic Outlook” based on [...]

Finding a path to peace through journalism

I greeted Ofelya Kamavosyan and Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu when they got off the plane three weeks ago in Tallahassee from Washington, D.C., as professionals extending typical courtesies. I knew them only from their Facebook pages. They had come to Tallahassee and our newspaper ostensibly to finish working on a documentary, part of the International Center [...]

Are the same Turks and Armenians who were just yesterday inseparable today enemies?

Turkey, which was made aware of the sensitivity surrounding the Armenian issue throughout the world through attacks by the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), continues to be caught unprepared every year as to how to shape its approach towards the events of April 24.

Iranian Approaches to the Nagorno Karabakh Problem

This international political research aims at an outlook to changeable regional conditions in South Caucasus by Iran. Today there are too many regional and ethnic conflicts in the world.

Approaches of Caucasus to Israeli Aggression

There has been a great resistance in the international arena to Israeli operation on volunteers who tried to help Gaza. Everybody who is against Israel or not pointed out that Israeli action was not acceptable for the values of humanity…

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