Approaches of Caucasus to Israeli Aggression

There has been a great resistance in the international arena to Israeli operation on volunteers who tried to help Gaza. Everybody who is against Israel or not pointed out that Israeli action was not acceptable for the values of humanity… Especially some groups which bear religious or humane values held great meetings and discussed Israel’s position in the region.

Different sides have different approaches to Israeli intervention into Turkish-Israeli relations. Opposite groups give anti-Turkish speeches because of Turkey’s important policies on the foreign affairs in the region. All media organs in Russia and Caucasus briefly talked about Israel’s actions and the situation of people. Some writers declared that Israel was a big problem for the region and the world from the time it was founded. Pravda, which is a media organ in Russia, criticized Israel’s action against Turkey and supported Israel’s terrorism based politics. Pravda praised the efforts of volunteers and said that action was only against Turkey. Russian authorities underlined Israel’s bad situation during the meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The state accused Israel because of its violation of the international law and called Israel to leave Gaza. Other Russian media organs analyzed the possibility of new balances in the region, a possible war in the Mediterranean and possible situation of Israel to terminate itself.
Different approaches to Caucasus can be seen. Some groups and media organs reported news about the situation of Turkey. There was no meeting against Israel in Azerbaijan. After the Israeli action great meetings have been held and some writers disapproved policies of Israel. Media organs in Azerbaijan worked to analyze the last tension between Turkey and Israel. Some of the human rights foundations had an effect on public opinion and called Israel to end its massacres in the region since 1948. People damned Israel and supported Turkey.  Organizations of human rights DEVAMM and Milli-Manevi Degerler Ictimai Birligi realized meetings under the slogan as “Protest to Israel, Support to Turkey”. Public shared new developments in Azerbaijan because there was no action against Israel in past time. 
Armenia, with which Turkey tried to normalize its relations, has different approaches about the last issues. Commonly media members and academicians pointed out how national interests were influenced by tensions between Turkey and Israel with too many contradictions. 
Ruben Mehrabyan, who is a researcher from Armenian Center of International and Political Research, talked to an Armenian news agency. He stated that Israel worked to protect its security when it attacked ships. “The purpose of the action to break the sea blockade of Gaza was to test Israel’s tolerance and determination. In the long run, a force has come to power in Israel, which is interested in the problem of Israelis’ right to life, rather than Palestinians’ rights. Naturally, Israel must act how it is supposed to in order to ensure its own security. Israel’s steps were aimed to ensure Israel’s security irrespective of what flag the ships were flying”. Mehrabyan underlined that action wasn’t against Turkey. He spoke about political and legal results of the tension: “We should not forget that Turkish-Israeli relations are not as they were before; they are worsening. It is not Israel’s initiative. Turkey is the cause, as it is trying to restore its influence in the Middle East.”
Another analyze in Armenia now emphasized that last issue was a result of the Davos tension in 2009, Turkey damaged normalization process with Armenia and Western states weren’t content with Turkish position in the region. According to the analyze Turkey shouldn’t have cooperated with Iran. According to Ruben Melkonyan from Yerevan State University, Knesset will recognize so-called Armenian genocide issue and Jewish Lobbies can support Armenian people. According to Melkonyan, strategic partnership of Turkey and Israel cannot be ended for a short time but it can lead to different circumstances for next elections. If the current government continues, new situation could turn against to Armenia. He reminds supports of Pakistan to Azerbaijan without Armenia.
Russia and Azerbaijan keep their positions to blame Israeli politics as positive approaches. But we can classify Armenian predictions about the last issue like that:
• Parliament of Israel will recognize Armenian genocide issue after the last tension with Turkey.
• Lobbies of Israel will have new approaches about Armenian issue and support Armenia.
• If the current administration in Turkey wins elections for next time, Armenia will be harmed by Turkish politics.
• Violence might increase against minorities in Turkey. Especially Jewish and Armenian minorities can be discriminated by Turks. Armenian people who know 1955 syndrome should be ready to all actions.
• If Turkey continues to increase and grow its popularity in the region, there could be new tensions like Israeli issue.
Mehmet Fatih ÖZTARSU – Expert of Caucasus
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