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Out of the rubble of destruction, hope and generosity emerge

My colleague and friend, Fulya Ozerkan, is reporting from Ercis on the deadly earthquake centered near there for Agence France-Presse, the French news service. Since last Monday, she has driven each morning from Van about 90 minutes, returning in the middle of the night. She gets what sleep she can; at some point, the rush [...]

At the U.S. embassy and downtown Ankara

The residence of the U.S. ambassador to Turkey sits atop a large hill, a short walk from one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Ankara. It is a beautiful building and tastefully decorated, featuring several pieces of art by Margaret Ross Tolbert of Gainesville, Florida, whose work is favored by the current occupants of the [...]

Visitors help you view things in a different way

Entertaining visitors from out of town — or better yet, out of country — is a great way to see new things, or at least see old things in a new way. This has been a busy time for international visitors. We’ve recently had business delegations from China and Brazil, as well as our visiting [...]

Finding a path to peace through journalism

I greeted Ofelya Kamavosyan and Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu when they got off the plane three weeks ago in Tallahassee from Washington, D.C., as professionals extending typical courtesies. I knew them only from their Facebook pages. They had come to Tallahassee and our newspaper ostensibly to finish working on a documentary, part of the International Center [...]

Foreign journalists spending time at Democrat

On April 22, two journalists from halfway across the world walked into the newsroom of the Tallahassee Democrat. Ofelya Kamavosyan and Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu, both first-time visitors to the United States, are here for three weeks through the International Center for Journalist’s program, New Media, New Challenges: Turkish-Armenian-American Journalist Exchange Program.

Golden Rules of Tallahassee Democrat “Faith and Courtesy”

International Center for Journalists continues to realize cross border projects all around the world. One of them is Turkish-Armenian-American journalists exchange program which combines 7 Turkish and 6 Armenian journalists to make them observers in different American media organs. Our author Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu is one of the participants of this project. Every journalists have [...]

Tallahassee Democrat ve Türk Medyası Mukayesesi

Türk medyasında özellikle dış politika konularında faaliyetlerde bulunmuş birisi olarak diğer ülkelerin medya sistemiyle mukayesenin yararlı olduğuna inanıyorum. Çünkü mukayese eksikliklerin farkına varılmasını sağlamakla birlikte yenilenmeyi de beraberinde getiren bir etkiye sahiptir. Türk medyasının Avrupa ve ABD medya mekanizmasıyla arasında irili ufaklı pek çok farklılık bulunmakta. International Center for Journalists organizatörlüğünde Türk ve Ermeni gazetecilerle [...]

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