But Which Turks and Armenians

Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu’s, who is the unique expert of the region who receives education in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia and keeps on their studies in the Caucasus, new book, “But Which Turks and Armenians” brings a lot of unknown matters related to Armenia and the Armenian Issue to light. The Book consists of three chapters as the fields Inter-Communal Relations and Interstatal Relations and as the selected interviews from some media organs from Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

The Book, which will be published by Oteki Adam Publications, gives an answer to every question come to mind when the Armenian Issue is remembered, and it takes readers to an imaginary trip in Armenia. With regard to the journalists’ opinions about the work, which is the unique in its field, emphasize on that readers can have information in many issues and matters thanks to this Book.
“Either you agree with or object to the things written in this Book, or you can say “there is genocide” or “no”; there are some things these two opinions can learn from Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu though. In particular, for those who are curious about the new-generation Turkish point of view about “genocide” before 1915, Oztarsu’s book is a significant source. If it is necessary to start from somewhere for understanding the other and for dialog, this Book provides important arguments for Armenians and Turks to make a true debate.”
Erdinç ERGENC, International Herald Tribune – Dunya, Editor
“Mehmet Fatih Oztarsu tries something that not any Turkish academician or intellectual ventures until today. He tries to understand Armenians in Armenia and inside Armenians. It is a significantly important study in this way…” 
Mehmet KAMIS, Deputy- Chief Editor of the Zaman Newspaper
“The Book in your hands includes both Oztarsu’s much valuable observations about human materials and social characteristics of this Country that emerge from His personal experiences that He lives during his stay in Armenia since 2010 and the attractive analyses and evaluations that are a product of his academic insight in the field of International Relations. It is a work that everybody who is interested in the region ought to read.” 
Ibrahim KIRAS, Editorial Consultant of the Star Newspaper
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