Yerevan and Gallipoli Visits Could be Wonderful

Tatev Frangyan, reporter of Zhoghovurd Newspaper in Armenia, asks questions about Turkish-Armenian relations to Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu, analyst of Strategic Outlook Institution.

You as a representative of Turkish intelligentsia, what do you think should do the Turkish authorities in 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide?
As you know Turkish intelligentsia defends the recognition of genocide by state authorities. There could be some symbolic steps by Ankara to share its symphaties towards Armenian people. Recognition of genocide faces a dilemma because this republic wasn’t existed in that time. Legally it is impossible to create pressure over this state. But it is important to see that Neo-Ottomanism increases especially during this time and we can ask whether Turkey defends the Ottoman heritage or not. It is said by president and all of other state authorities that Turkey is successor of Ottoman Empire. Thus, (for the world) Armenian genocide is a part of Ottoman heritage and committed by same groups, why you don’t recognise it? There is a logical fallacy.
What is your opinion about the fact that Turkeydecided to celebrate the anniversary of the Gallipoli battle on April 24, the memorial day of Armenian Genocide, where as the Battle of Gallipoli began on  March 18, 1915  and continued until the end of January, 1916. In your oppinon, what is the aim pursued by Turkey? It is believed that in this way Turkey is trying to divert the attention of the world from the 100 th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
You pointed out that Gallipoli is a subject of March 18 and Turkey celebrates this on same day of every year. This is true. There is no any relation with April 24. But Turkey tried to organise a common celebration on struggle against imperialism symbolically. It could be good idea to gather Armenian and Turkish politicians in a meaningful day. Because Armenian soldiers also fought to defend Ottoman homeland. But it could be good if Turkish president has accepted the first invitation of Sargsyan. Armenian president is a clever man and he shared his opinion in a different method. He was right. I would like to see Turkish president in Yerevan firstly and after they can visit Gallipoli together. It could be wonderful turning point in the relations.
You have written a novel about Armenia, can you tell me please what  is it about and if it is possible, cite a small segment of it?
I wrote an interesting novel about Armenia. Its fiction covers contemporary Armenian situation in the region with underlining relations with Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia. Of course there is a love story as usual but not among only with an Armenian girl and Turkish guy. There is a reasonable complicated relationship among two nations. This novel is a first creation in Turkish literature by chewing over Armenia as a contemporary state. A foreign reader will be able to see every corner of Yerevan when he/she is reading the novel. Turks and Armenians and also Azerbaijanis will like this novel. I think it is enough to talk about it because it will be published at the end of February and I promise that I will give my first speech to you about my novel.
How will develop the Armenian-Turkish relations after the 100th anniversary of the Genocide?
Everything depends on nations. Relations can improve how we want. First of all we should ask this question: “Do we want to develop something?” After that significant process may begin.
You as a representative of Turkish intelligentsia, what would you like to say to all Armenians considering the great crime against humanity.
Crime against humanity is not only a genocide but killing one person is also a sin. In my opinion 1915, Karabakh massacres and ASALA attacks are in same level which is about crime against humanity. The purpose is same and we should be aware of this reality. I hope we can live in peace by forgetting our sinful history.
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  1. Ararat diyor ki:

    You are a fraud to consider the pre-planned and government-sponsored genocide and the mass extermination of 1,500,000 Armenians in 1915 to put en end to their existence in their own Turkish-occupied ancestral homeland of thousands of years to be at the same level as ASALA surgically executing Turkish diplomats who represented the fascist Turkish state by lying and making racist remarks about their Armenian victims as if they did not matter and that 1915 genocide was merely another chapter in Turkish centuries-old atrocities committed against millions of indigenous Christians whose lands they occupied and whose inhabitants they murdered. As for Karabakh, there was no massacre. A few hundred civilians were caught in cross-fires during a battle between the Armenians and Azerbaijani criminals. This was a scheme plotted by the Azerbaijani Popular Front to overthrow the first post-Soviet Azerbaijani president Ayaz Mutalibov which they succeeded. The Popular Front sacrificed a few hundred Azerbaijanis during an actual war to take control of the government. Armenians had not only given plenty of time but they had also given these people a safe corridor to evacuate the town but they were fooled and refused evacuation deliberately by the Popular Front to reach their political goal. The deposed Azerbaijani president Ayaz Mutalibov who escaped and found refuge in Russia also attested to this fact.

    Get your facts straight instead of acting like a racist scavenging hyena and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You may fool your illiterate peasant nation but you can’t fool us.

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